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Feel the Kaleido Effect
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Feel the Kaleido Effect
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The Kaleido Effect

the future of myco

At KaleidoMyco we are dedicated to driving ground breaking innovations in the production and delivery of myco derived formulations.  The “Kaleido Effect” refers to our combination of myco and hemp extracts, and unique adaptogens to create pure alchemy. 


Mushroom science

Mycology is the discipline of biology that describes and studies a very vast group of organisms denominated fungi. This group contains around 90,000 species, and thousands are described every year, being estimated that there might be more than one million fungal species in the world, which makes the fungal kingdom one of the most important in the tree of life. 

Fungi are very variable, because they include both macroscopic (such as mushrooms and truffles) and microscopic organisms. All of them share some common characteristics. They are non-motile heterotrophic eukaryotes that possess a cell wall around the cell, which differs from the cell wall of plants because it contains different components (mainly chitin). Most fungi can reproduce by both sexual and asexual reproduction.

data driven

science backed

KaleidoMyco is the story of people, process and production. We believe myco-dosing with infused hemp extract and approved psylocibin is the wave of the future. Multiple delivery systems, science driven IP and formulations, high bioavailability organic compounds, multiple delivery methods plus world-class extraction technologies make KaleidoMyco the new waverunner ahead of the rest. USA, Canada, Europe and beyond with no boundaries to expand.

Join us on our journey and follow our ride. Welcome to KaleidoMyco.

understanding the basics


Navigating the world of Mycology and the study of cannabinoids and adaptogens is difficult.  Below you will find some frequently asked questions to help. 

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proprietary IP Formulas

current products

Functional Fizz

A proprietary blend of functional mushrooms and hemp extract delivered as a delicious effervescent added to water or your favorite drink.

One Shot

A power packed shot of a proprietary blend of functional mushrooms and hemp extract 

legal psilocybin

The Kaleido Future

future plans


Kaleido is evaluating psilocybin MYCOdosing infused consumer packaged products initiatives with clinics in approved jurisdictions internationally. Testing of new psilocybin products will be facilitated in approved labs when permitted in each state and country.

On January 13, 2021 Global Wellness Strategies Inc. (formerly Redfund Capital Corp.) announced that it has partnered with Clarion Holdings of Eugene, Oregon to open one of the first psilocybin consulting incubators in the area. KaliedoMyco will align itself directly with Clarion and facilitate submission of a psilocybin license when available.

KaleidoMyco will begin working with Canadian cannabis licensed producers and choose one LP to roll-out a full medicinal-mushroom infused hemp extract product line into Canadian provincial government approved stores. European partners are already in discussions to begin marketing the hemp extract infused products in countries where approved. Join us on our journey and follow our ride. Welcome to KaleidoMyco.

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The Kaleido Project